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Since she was a little girl, Annika always wanted to be a prima ballerina. Now she’s on the road to that dream with four classes a week at 3.5 hours each.


Hey everybody! What’s up? 😀 I finished my TaeKwonDo tournament on Saturday and it was soo much fun. I got 7th out of 7 competitors in XMA forms but I got moved up to the black belt division ages 13-17 years old who were doing crazy stuff like punch and MEGA FLIPS! It was so…

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Morning Classes!

Hey everybody! I’ve got ballet tomorrow morning!! Yay! Some of my friends are back from camp and I have seen lots of great pictures. It scares me that all of my friends are so good, which that should make me work harder. It has and it will! But, it just makes me sad and little…

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Many goals!

Hey everybody! Summer is almost over… and time for ballet to start. Yay!! I have made a goal with myself that I would stretch every single day and everyday this month (August) I get a sticker on my calendar for a reward, but really, flexibility is the best reward. Plus, I am doing yoga and…

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Autograph Excitement!

Let me sleep!! A dancer needs sleep! I am soo tired today. Yesterday I got up waayyy too early and my body was so exhausted. In ballet class, it was the last day that Mrs. Manea would be our teacher. The night before, we were supposed to write down our corrections and two of my…

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Shoulder Rolls! Woo!

Ok, still sore. What is up with me. I have soaked in epson salt, rubbed sooo much moisturizer on every inch of my body, but… still sore. Nice. My classes have been wonderful, though! In yoga, I stretch everything. Ballet class is very hard, just the way I like it. Pointe kills my toes, even…

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Oh so sore!

Ahhg! Talk about sore muscles. This is the second day at ballet camp, and boy am I sore. For the past couple of weeks, I have been waiting for camp to start. I’ve been getting my stuff ready by watching lots of ballet videos, but… I haven’t stretched. *Sheepish Grin.* Yesterday, I met Mrs. Manea.…

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