Oh so sore!

Annika Slaby Valentine DreamerAhhg! Talk about sore muscles. This is the second day at ballet camp, and boy am I sore. For the past couple of weeks, I have been waiting for camp to start. I’ve been getting my stuff ready by watching lots of ballet videos, but… I haven’t stretched. *Sheepish Grin.*

Yesterday, I met Mrs. Manea. She is a cute, funny but hard teacher. We each had a combination to remember; I had frappés, a fun but hard combination. Only Connor and I remembered ours. Some of the girls got yelled out… big time. We had a good time though.

Yesterday we started learning Paquita… it did not go well. I was going to be a demi-soloist but I got demoted into the corps. So that was a big bummer for me, but I was determined to get better.

Later, when I got home, I iced my feet and then I started working on the dance. I watched YouTube videos and practiced them. I learned everybody’s part. I also did some yoga stuff that I was supposed to do. Yay!

Today I was as sore as a rat. All of my classes went well, especially character. My friend and I have a duet together. We are gypsies and I love the music and the dance!

Overall it’s been great at camp! Be the ballerina that you are!