Hey everybody!

What’s up? 😀 I finished my TaeKwonDo tournament on Saturday and it was soo much fun. I got 7th out of 7 competitors in XMA forms but I got moved up to the black belt division ages 13-17 years old who were doing crazy stuff like punch and MEGA FLIPS! It was so amazing! That got me motivated. In forms I got 9th out of 13 competitors which was nice. I was happy because my twin cousins came down from Texas to watch… it was great seeing them. My sister, Margo beat 3 out of the 4 Uzbekistan Women’s Olympic Team (who where black belts… Margo’s a red/black belt.) In total, she got 2nd place out of 7 black belts. That is soooo cool!

I am starting ballet today which is going to be awesome. I feel like it is going to be MY year. 🙂