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Since she was a little girl, Annika always wanted to be a prima ballerina. Now she’s on the road to that dream with four classes a week at 3.5 hours each.


Stretching For Splits

Recently I’ve gotten a lot of requests for stretching videos. To start off with the basics I chose splits because they do much more the give you a nice line for your leaps, but also improve your mobility for extensions, jumps, and everyday life. In this video you’ll see me stretching in my loft of my room where…

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Annika’s Update: Ready for Fall

After a long long summer of dancing in the beautiful city of New York City, I am ready for the new school year and the fall season. I took a month off of dancing at the end of summer before school started so my body is definitely out of shape! I’m working on it though!…

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Gone fishin after class
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Annika’s Updates: My Summer in New York City

  Wow! What a summer this has been! I had the best time in New York City at the Ellison Ballet Summer Intensive. Here’s all my video updates that give you a peek into my experience. Hope you enjoy! Love, Annika XOXO PS. Make sure to subscribe to my email updates. I’m working on new…

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Coppelia Lookback: My first lead role in a ballet

My mom is always documenting our family. One way or another, she’ll get us on camera. And if there is ever a first, you can bet she’s going to want a piece of it. Before I left for NYC and after my performance as Swanhilda in Coppelia, my mom sat me down and asked me…

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Janice Barringer the Pointe Book

The Book Every Ballet Dancer Must Have

I’m excited to share with you my interview with  Janice Barringer, author of The Pointe Book, the world renowned and most comprehensive book on pointe shoes. Every serious ballet dancer should have this book. First published in 1998, the book, now in it’s third printing, has withstood the test of time and has become a go-to…

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Rising Pro Dancer Kicks It With 3 Jobs

Pro Dancer Kicks It With 3 Jobs

Like any ballet dancer, I’m constantly in need of new pointe shoes. Recently, I walked into our local dance supply store and to my surprise, I not only found a great pair of pointe shoes, but I got a peek into the life of a rising dance professional. I later followed up with Nicole Warren, manager and professional pointe…

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Screenshot video playing downtown

Playing Violin on the Street Corner

  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted! I’ve been going non-stop since Bolshoi last summer. As soon as I got home I started back playing violin on the street corner in my hometown to start earning money for next year’s summer intensive. I’m still not sure where I want to go, but it’s pretty expensive,…

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Annika Slaby Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive

My experience at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive

This summer I attended the (Russian) Bolshoi Ballet Summer Intensive for six weeks in Connecticut. Were my eyes ever opened! From the number of amazing and talented dancers that attended from across the world, to the new techniques I learned from the all Russian-speaking teachers, I was impressed, amazed and thrilled to absorb every moment.…

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How I earned money for the Bolshoi Ballet Summer Intensive

How I Paid For Summer Camp.

Sweat dripping down my face, wind breezing by, the pages are swishing all around. People are walking by and chatting with  each other. They stop talking once they get to me. The music makes them sway and some start singing along. A smile comes to my face, and then I start to laugh when they…

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Spring 2014 ballet perfomance

Spring Performance Excitement

Before the performances  I see some of the girls rushing around asking if I had seen their head pieces. I see other girls jumping up and down squealing because the performance is about to start, too excited to become nervous. But, with all of the rehearsals I can not possibly be nervous because I know…

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