Shoulder Rolls! Woo!

Annika Slaby Valentine DreamerOk, still sore. What is up with me. I have soaked in epson salt, rubbed sooo much moisturizer on every inch of my body, but… still sore. Nice.

My classes have been wonderful, though! In yoga, I stretch everything. Ballet class is very hard, just the way I like it. Pointe kills my toes, even they are sore. During the classes, I have a terrible time keeping my turn out; but I’m working on it. Modern is a lot of fun… I like modern and contemporary dance a lot since it lets my body feel everything.

In modern, we are learning roll overs which is when you roll over your shoulder. And boy, does mine hurt now!

In R.E.P., we’re having a little trouble with the choreography. We get yelled at, but I’m used to it.

And, my day is always fun with my friends my my side through the thick and thin. 🙂

Be the ballerina that you are!