Morning Classes!

Hey everybody!

I’ve got ballet tomorrow morning!! Yay! Some of my friends are back from camp and I have seen lots of great pictures. It scares me that all of my friends are so good, which that should make me work harder. It has and it will! But, it just makes me sad and little depressed that there are so many girls out there with natural talents and BEAUTIFUL arabesque’s and then I can barely keep my turn out and my upper body is stiff as a rock. I want to record my first day back and my last and then compare the differences. I have six goals for the season:

1. Keep turn out solid!

2. Relax upper body (a lot!)

3. Almost perfect attitude and arabesque

4. Great extensions!

5. Amazing flat out leaps!

6. Lots of flexibility!

So, I have  lots of goals that I want to be the best at.

My family is cleaning out my sisters old room and she (a former dancer) had all of her old ballet stuff together (surprisingly) but, I found a pair of mint condition Russian Pointe Shoes and some slippers. Get this: The pointe shoes fit!! Yay!

So now, I have new slippers and point shoes for the new season. Yay! I’m happy to have class tomorrow.. wish me luck!



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