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To help support my ballet career, I am so grateful to be able to share my other passion which is playing the violin. I’ve been busking in my hometown since I was 13 years old and have loved every bit of it. Even in the heat and cold, and standing on my feet for hours on end, often after even more hours of ballet rehearsals, I’ve felt blessed to be able to share my passion for music in my community.

Along the way, I’ve met so many wonderful people and have become part of the vibe in my little hometown. I’ve also had lots of requests to play at events, from private parties and business meetings to weddings. To simplify things, I’ve created this page to share some basic pricing and options for me to play at your events. Let me know if you want me to play for you!

General Pricing $150 / hour

For cocktail / dinner parties, I generally play 1 to 2 hours for added ambiance to an event. I will show up for your event a good 15-20 minutes prior for setup (not charged). I bring my violin, stand and speaker. I dress professionally in a black dress. I play an assortment of contemporary pop hits along with classical and fiddle favorites to add some variety to the mix.


I generally play weddings within a 10 miles radius of the Mount Dora, FL area. If your wedding is outside the area, travel would be extra.

I arrive at the wedding 15-20 minutes before the guest start arriving. I dress professional in black. I begin playing 15 minutes before the scheduled wedding begins.*

Wedding Package $200*

My basic wedding package includes the following:

-Rehearsal—approximately 30 minutes (*If rehearsal not needed, save $50)

-Welcoming Music

As guests arrive, I play an assortment of classical and contemporary romantic favorites.

-Ceremony Music (click here for samples)

A general wedding includes about four songs for you to pick. I’ve included a selection of the songs I play here. Any special requests will have to be charged in addition to my regular fee.

  1. Processional: Attendants entrance
  2. Processional: Bride’s entrance
  3. Recessional: Attendants exit
  4. Recessional: Bride and Groom exit

-Exiting Music

As guests leave, I play an assortment of upbeat, fun music to wrap up a beautiful wedding!

Reception / Cocktail Hour (Optional) $150 / hour

I also can play as the guests transition to the reception during the cocktail hour. I play an assortment of music contemporary pop, movie hits, classical and fiddle favorites.

Ready to Book?

Contact me with your name, phone number and description and date of your event and I’ll get right back to you!


Annika xoxo

*As long as your wedding is running within 15 mins of the scheduled start time, all is good. If it goes over that, I’ll have to add a little extra. I hope you understand.