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When she’s not in the dance studio, Annika practices Tae Kwon Do weekly. She’s on the road to her black belt!

My Weekend With The Kick Cup

My tae kwon do school recently won the Kick Cup. The Kick Cup Challenge is an annual competition between our school and our sister school in another nearby town. Our school won the trophy back this year by scoring the most points in a tournament last spring. Since then Master Wayne thought it would be…

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Hey everybody! What’s up? 😀 I finished my TaeKwonDo tournament on Saturday and it was soo much fun. I got 7th out of 7 competitors in XMA forms but I got moved up to the black belt division ages 13-17 years old who were doing crazy stuff like punch and MEGA FLIPS! It was so…

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Training, practicing, reading!

Hey everybody! I have been reading a book series called Percy Jackson. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Well I just finished the fourth book. It was awesome! I listen to the audiobook to help me not skip words. I read the first book and watched the the movie a while back and thought they were awesome……

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