Stretching For Splits

Recently I’ve gotten a lot of requests for stretching videos. To start off with the basics I chose splits because they do much more the give you a nice line for your leaps, but also improve your mobility for extensions, jumps, and everyday life.

In this video you’ll see me stretching in my loft of my room where it is a great quiet place for me to ease the pain of stretching.

Tips: Get a heating pad to warm up your muscles before stretching.

More videos to come! Let me know in the comments below if there are any stretching videos you’d like me to make. Hope you enjoy!


Annika xoxo

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Annika Valentine

I am a teenager with a career that starts now. I'm working my way through the twists and twirls of the ballet world, with my violin by my side. Catch up with me on social media. Facebook, Instagram, YoutTube @annikavalentine. Twitter @loveannikaxoxo