Autograph Excitement!

Annika Slaby Valentine DreamerLet me sleep!! A dancer needs sleep! I am soo tired today. Yesterday I got up waayyy too early and my body was so exhausted.

In ballet class, it was the last day that Mrs. Manea would be our teacher. The night before, we were supposed to write down our corrections and two of my friends and I did and we showed them to her. She said the others were slackers. I got a picture with her and her autograph. It was so cool!

Modern went very well. I had to demonstrate two things to the class. Earlier in the week, things weren’t going well in class but now my hard work at home has paid off. 😀

Four of the dancers in my class had to leave this week since they had other camps to go to. So this was their last day. 🙁 I know they are going to do well, though.

Be the ballerina that you are!



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