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Annika Slaby Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive

My experience at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive

This summer I attended the (Russian) Bolshoi Ballet Summer Intensive for six weeks in Connecticut. Were my eyes ever opened! From the number of amazing and talented dancers that attended from across the world, to the new techniques I learned from the all Russian-speaking teachers, I was impressed, amazed and thrilled to absorb every moment.…

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How I earned money for the Bolshoi Ballet Summer Intensive

How I Paid For Summer Camp.

Sweat dripping down my face, wind breezing by, the pages are swishing all around. People are walking by and chatting with  each other. They stop talking once they get to me. The music makes them sway and some start singing along. A smile comes to my face, and then I start to laugh when they…

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Spring 2014 ballet perfomance

Spring Performance Excitement

Before the performances  I see some of the girls rushing around asking if I had seen their head pieces. I see other girls jumping up and down squealing because the performance is about to start, too excited to become nervous. But, with all of the rehearsals I can not possibly be nervous because I know…

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Annika Bolshoi Audition

Bolshoi Audition Results

About a year ago I auditioned for the world-renowned Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Connecticut. I did it with two of my friends. Both of them got in, but I did not. This last year I have been striving to get better at ballet. I have been taking extra classes and getting extra accessories, like a…

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Audition Tips

7 Ballet Audition Tips

1. Arrive early as you can. About an hour before so you can be vary warm and just in cace something goes wrong you’ll be on time 2. Clean your bag for a clean head. Keep the essentials Because you are going to have to quickly have to change in to pointe shoes. And with…

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Whats in my dance bag

What’s in My Dance Bag?

In life, you have a lot of accessories, such as earrings or a handbag. Well, a dancer’s handbag is her dance bag which holds all of her essentials for dancing. It has many different items, from pointe shoes, to deodorant, to lip balm. Over time the bag describes you; from the bag’s design to it’s…

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Stretching After Ballet Class

I have had a fun time in jazz class with a bunch of exercises so I thought I’d share them with you. These stretches will get you down into a split within a couple of days. It will also help your leaps and front jumps. You will finally be able to touch your toes! These…

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My Yoga Warmup Before Ballet

Ballet is dancing with every part of your body. That means you have to warm up your body before class starts. Some people warm up right before class, at the studio. Some professionals take a yoga class right before ballet class. So, I decided I would just pull out my yoga mat and do some…

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My Weekend With The Kick Cup

My tae kwon do school recently won the Kick Cup. The Kick Cup Challenge is an annual competition between our school and our sister school in another nearby town. Our school won the trophy back this year by scoring the most points in a tournament last spring. Since then Master Wayne thought it would be…

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Conditioning to Help Your Extensions

Today I’m excited to share a bunch of great new exercises that will help your extensions! For some of the exercises, you’ll need ankle weights. I suggest no more than 2 pounds. (You can get them at Walmart or Target.) I got mine from my ballet teacher. Hope you enjoy! Keep up the good work!

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