Annika Bolshoi Audition

Bolshoi Audition Results

Annika Bolshoi Audition

About a year ago I auditioned for the world-renowned Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Connecticut. I did it with two of my friends. Both of them got in, but I did not. This last year I have been striving to get better at ballet. I have been taking extra classes and getting extra accessories, like a foot stretcher and getting thai massage to help open up my joints to make me more flexible.

I’ve also been stretching every day after class which has made me even more determined. Soon the day came to prove to that I had improved; my audition for the Bolshoi Ballet Academy had finally arrived.

The morning of the audition, I realized that I am the only one at my school is auditioning. A new wave of fright, nerves and fears has come upon me. I am the one who Is going to walk in with my head up and show them that I deserve this, a spot in the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

Deep breath.

At the audition there were 21 people including me. I was with the top dancers because of my age and ability. I felt that I did well. But like any other dancer, I felt like I could do better. (Use my turn-out more).  A couple days after the audition, I got an e-mail from the Bolshoi staff. It was mid-day and I was strolling in our school room with some hot chocolate. My mom was checking her e-mail and she saw that they had written back.  We are just about to open it. My future could be in there and with a click of a button I could see if I could a chance of a lifetime with the most prestigious ballet school in the world….. with a click of a button. I take a deep breath and tell her to open it. This is what we saw…

Bolshoi Audtion Acceptance Letter

I was so excited!!  jumping up and down. Relief, a breath of fresh air! I quickly called my teacher  and told her the good news. Finally, I thought. I. Did. It.

This week has been crazy. I have to put the deposit down by tomorrow, and my family and I are deciding if I am going to stay room and board for three weeks or if my mom, brother and I go  drive up and stay at a house for the six week camp. Ether way I am so excited that I am going and I know that the teachers and he staff are going to make it fun and challenging for me. I know I will come back and be better, more improved and a better dancer!



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