Whats in my dance bag

What’s in My Dance Bag?

In life, you have a lot of accessories, such as earrings or a handbag. Well, a dancer’s handbag is her dance bag which holds all of her essentials for dancing. It has many different items, from pointe shoes, to deodorant, to lip balm. Over time the bag describes you; from the bag’s design to it’s shape and the things inside.

I did a Google Search on “what’s in my dance bag” and millions of results came up. This shows that girls are very interested to see what sort of goodies are in other dancer’s bags. It gives them an idea of what to put in their dance bag. For instance, I had no idea that I could put a dryer sheet in my bag to make it smell good! I learned that by watching a video about What’s in my Dance Bag.


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Annika Valentine

I am a teenager with a career that starts now. I'm working my way through the twists and twirls of the ballet world, with my violin by my side. Catch up with me on social media. Facebook, Instagram, YoutTube @annikavalentine. Twitter @loveannikaxoxo