Stretching After Ballet Class

I have had a fun time in jazz class with a bunch of exercises so I thought I’d share them with you. These stretches will get you down into a split within a couple of days. It will also help your leaps and front jumps. You will finally be able to touch your toes! These stretches are great for dancers, gymnasts, actors, football players, runners and more. You can use these stretches to stretch out your hamstrings as well. I have also included theraband foot strengthening exercises so you will have nice strong feet. Hope you enjoy!

About The Author

Annika Valentine

I am a teenager with a career that starts now. I'm working my way through the twists and twirls of the ballet world, with my violin by my side. Catch up with me on social media. Facebook, Instagram, YoutTube @annikavalentine. Twitter @loveannikaxoxo

  • Sophie Yang

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