Turn Out!

Hey! Ballet has finally started! It’s a little overwhelming, but, I think I can do it. My teacher was just showing us pictures of other girls. There was one picture of a girl and her leg was in the air and her leg was by her ear, 180 degrees turned out Oh how much I would want that. My teacher thinks ALL of us can achieve that by the end of the year. Yikes! I think I can do it. I just have to work even harder.

In my room, I have two walls covered in ballet pictures. I want more so I can see myself in everyone of them. I have to work harder .

My teacher asked us what our goals are… I have made six and told her. She said that is exactly what I need to work on. I suggest that at the beginning of the season, write all of your goals and review them every day. Good luck!



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Annika Valentine

I am a teenager with a career that starts now. I'm working my way through the twists and twirls of the ballet world, with my violin by my side. Catch up with me on social media. Facebook, Instagram, YoutTube @annikavalentine. Twitter @loveannikaxoxo